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Double bass teacher at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels

Improvisation teacher at Arts2 (Royal Conservatory of Mons)

Double bass teacher at the Tourcoing conservatory

Private lessons (classical, jazz, contemporary) and preparation for competitions at higher conservatories on request via the "contact" tab.

Other groups


- Free Spirit Ensemble (Classical improvisation - Ibrahim Maalouf)

- Soloist recitals with piano

- New Music (contemporary music)

- Ensemble K (chamber music)

- Water & Fire (with Quentin Dujardin and Didier Laloy)

- Driss el Maloumi & thongs

- Astoria (Tango)

- Izvora (jazz)

- Bayan Trio (classical music,  world music)

- Stéphany Ortega Trio (classical, tango, jazz)

Scoring Music



Adrien works on researching the connection that exists between music, sounds and new media such as films and web series. He collaborates with several film music composers (Bruno Coulais, Yves Gourmeur, etc.) using the sound of his acoustic double bass, sometimes augmenting it through the use of innovative digital tools.

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