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Musician and composer, Adrien Tyberghein's career is characterized by his eclecticism, his openness and his anchoring in modernity.

Adrien started music at the age of 6, he graduated from the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris and the Royal Conservatory of Mons (BE). He also followed jazz and improvised music training at the Didier Lockwood Improvised Music Center (CMDL).

Furthermore, in the field of audio-visual arts, he completed video and sound training at Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains and directed several short films.

He won several awards during his career as a musician (named “soloist rising star” in Belgium, “Young Talent of the Year”, ...).

Adrien's insatiable curiosity leads him to explore a wide range of musical styles: baroque, romantic, contemporary, electronic, world music and jazz. He very quickly decided to place improvisation at the center of his musical language.

He has collaborated with renowned ensembles, institutions and Festivals (Paris National Opera, Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, Arties, Easter Festival, etc.).

He has also played and collaborated with renowned artists, both in the classical sphere and in jazz and contemporary music (Manu Katché, Ibrahim Maalouf, Gautier Capuçon, Claire Désert, Olivier Charlier, etc.).

These projects and meetings led him to find his way and to devote himself exclusively to double bass soloist, chamber musician, as well as to composition. He then pushes the limits of his instrument in an original and unsuspected way.

The tours he undertakes lead him to encounter varied cultures which inspire him in his compositions and constantly nourish him in his improvisations.

His innovative recitals mix classical music, world music, jazz, improvisation and work based on new technologies.
Each recital is a unique story and builds a bridge between tradition and modernity.

Adrien writes, directs and composes “Seul Contre Basse”, a solo project on stage, transdisciplinary mixing music, theater, dance, video and installation.

You can currently find Adrien in various projects and notably in Seul Contre Basse - Récital, with Dyad (Didier Laloy - Adrien Tyberghein), in Water & Fire (Quentin Dujardin and Didier Laloy), within the Musiques Nouvelles ensemble, Astoria or alongside Drill El Maloumi.

Spotted by Ibrahim Maalouf in 2020, the latter invited him to join the hard core of the “Free Spirit Ensemble” which is the first classical orchestra in the world specialized in improvisation.

He is professor of double bass at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, professor of improvisation at the Royal Conservatory of Mons (Arts2) and professor of double bass at the Tourcoing conservatory.

Adrien plays on a 5-string double bass by Laurent Demeyère, a Boris Fritsch and Carbow bow.

Notons également la présence du jeune contrebassiste Adrien Tyberghein. Son archet étincelant ranime un univers classique à l'évidence dépoussiéré. Une personnalité intense qui provoque ce croisement inattendu.

France Musique

Il est de ces virtuoses, qui une fois l'instrument en main, vous hypnotise.

Nord-Eclair, Voix du Nord

Contrebassiste prodige, à 26 ans, Adrien Tyberghein est à l'ébauche d'une longue carrière de musicien.

Neuville Mag'

Sortir du cadre et toucher à tout, c'est le Leitmotiv d'Adrien Tyberghein {...}, une idée novatrice et ambitieuse de la musique et des arts.


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