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The bass is the wave that we feel, the one that makes us vibrate, enter into resonance with the sound material and the music. It is the relationship with the earth, with the immense, with what is beyond us. It is also the base of music, the foundation without which no harmony could be anchored, a rhythmic foundation too: the groove, the engine, what awakens our instinct and makes us want to dance.

In Seul Contre Basse, the double bass is, beyond that, the dual relationship between solitude and the outside world. It is passions: love and hatred, the broken mirror of what we are and what we potentially are. It is the amplifier of our emotions, the tool allowing us to reach out to others.

The tool is technology.
The 21st century is marked by the spectacular advancement of digital technology and new technologies: artificial intelligence, augmented reality, immersive experiences, electronic and amplified music. Technology has overturned contemporary social patterns.
Does it nourish creativity? Does it bring us closer together or, on the contrary, does it confine us behind our screens?
What part of humanity remains in us today: what links do we maintain in contemporary society when faced with others, with a silent landscape or with a spectacle?

Seul Contre Basse addresses these current issues through a new and immersive experience combining music, video, new technologies, poetry and theater.
At the crossroads of solo recital 2.0 and installation, the repertoire covered is very eclectic: improvised music, written music, tradition and modernity (ranging from J.S BACH to personal compositions through world creations by Belgian, French and Swiss).

The show can touch everyone - musicians or non-musicians - through

universal and current questions that it raises and the reflection it leads on art, philosophy, sociology and science.


The first part of Seul Contre Basse is a staged concert, sometimes intimate and introspective, sometimes festive and even crazy. It mixes classical and electronic music, amplified and acoustic music.

Seul Contre Basse - recital is constructed as a temporal and geographical journey which navigates through the compositions of Adrien Tyberghein (with a world premiere by Quentin Dujardin and Gwenaël Grisi).

It is anchored in French and European heritage (tour of historic places rich in meaning such as abbeys, abandoned factories, ...) and encounters varied landscapes, colors and cultures.

The double bass comes out of its traditional playing and transforms into a real orchestra led by loops and overlays controlled live by different loopers.

Duration: 75 minutes

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