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Solo Recital with piano



The repertoire played for this recital ranges from J.S BACH to contemporary music. He mainly focuses on the creation of works and on the modern expressive soloist repertoire.

Duration: 75 minutes

Dyad (Didier Laloy & Adrien Tyberghein)


Didier Laloy and Adrien Tyberghein, two outstanding musicians, form a duo born of the desire to combine two seemingly opposing universes: so-called “serious” music and “light” music.

Their duo breaks the stylistic boundaries by mixing traditional music, classical music, rock and electronic music. Their repertoire consists of original music revealing all the richness of this collaboration. From crazy rhythms to expressive melodies, these compositions take the audience to the crossroads of different worlds.

Didier dreamed of being able to shake hands with a conductor when coming on stage. Adrien dreamed of improvising on traditional themes from elsewhere. Their dreams came true in this atypical, visceral and definitely rock-influenced duo.



- Free Spirit Ensemble (Classical improvisation - Ibrahim Maalouf)

- Musiques Nouvelles (Contemporary music)

- Ensemble K (Chamber music)

- Quentin Dujardin et Didier Laloy (ft. Adrien Tyberghein)

- Astoria (Tango)

- Izvora (jazz)

- Bayan Trio (Classical & world music)

- Marina Cedro Trio (tango, songs)

Film Music

Adrien studies the connection that exists between music, sounds and new media such as films and web series. He creates music for cinema, TV and web channels (Arte documentaries, several films being created in collaboration with the Belgian collective General Score, in particular the composer Yves Gourmeur, ...) using the sound of his acoustic double bass, sometimes by increasing it through the use of innovative digital tools.

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