Solo double bass


Adrien made plentiful of solo recitals, solo performance, with piano or with orchestra accompaniment.

His repertoire is very large, going from baroque to contemporary or electronic music.

He is committed to creating new repertoire for his instrument and to take up challenges that composers write for him.

Movie, documentary and web series soundtracks



Adrien develops new original soundtracks for movies, TV and web channels (such as documentaries on Arte, movie of Bernard Leclercq, several movies in progress in collaboration with the General Score Belgian movie scoring team especially the composer Yves Gourmeur) leveraging the sound of his bass “augmented” with digital tools.

The sound of my instrument is used to create sound design works but also expressives melodies.

Other Collaborations

Collaborations are numerous.

He is part of ensembles like Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, Dujardin, Laloy, Tyberghein Trio, Astoria, Izvora, Chamber Orchestra of France, ...



Duo is a ensemble that Adrien loves, like double bass with piano, guitar, violin, cello, saxophone, organ, flute. He likes the connivance between instrumentalists but also between instruments itself.